Please Note: All riders must be under 230 lbs., All riders must wear closed toed shoes without heels and jeans.   We require each rider to wear a helmet - we have helmets available at no charge or helmets available for purchase.   We do not allow intoxicated people to ride.  If you have been drinking, please be aware that you're Wrangler may not allow you to ride if you are deemed unsafe.  Yes, you can get a DUI on Horseback. Also, horses are not tacked-up until arrival of guests, we tack-up while you sign waivers.  We do not tack-up horses until  start time.  You are may be subject to waiting up to 15 minutes for the group to leave on the ride.  You must be over the age of 21 to participate in the Wine Tasting.


A 48 hour cancellation prior to the reservation is required.  If you are a no-show for the ride or are more than 15 minutes late you will be charged the entire balance of the ride and we will not administer a refund.  We retain a $50.00 per person for administrative fees for all cancelled reservations. 

Vineyard Trail Rides

Napa Valley Horse Company is dedicated to providing the youth in our community equine and horsemanship skills which can be used in everyday life.  Teaching responsibility, dedication, trust, work ethics and passion through natural horsemanship and creating an equine bond.


Napa Valley Horse Company uses primarily slaughter-bound horses for our rides, giving them an easy retirement as well as a second lease on life.  We focus primarily on middle aged ranch geldings that have extensive training as well as a great work ethic.  We retain mostly unadoptable horses for our program.  This is something very dear to our hearts. 

"Halloween Speical!"  Haunted Twilight Ride!

 Take a ride through the Vineyards towards the end of our day when it is quieter here at the Ranch.  Learn about the history of Napa Valley and the spirits that still linger and visit us now and then.  Your guide will tell you about personal experiences here at the ranch.  Perfect Ride for those looking for some adventure at a leisurely walk-only pace.

New Family Horse Experience!
Offered on Sundays only

Min 4 people - ages 8 and up

Max/6 Guests

Cost: $250.00 per person/$50.00 deposit charged at booking per person.

Build a bond with your horse, learn grooming, tacking-up, short riding lesson and trail ride with your group/family in a fun environment.  This is a private class for the rider that wants to get more in tune with their horse prior to riding. Our Experienced Guides will teach you the ins and outs of your horse in the two hours that you spend with us.  This package is offered once a day for groups 4 or more – up to 6, possibly more depending on ages, experience, etc. Book online for 4 – 6 or contact us for more information.

Cost is $250.00 per person total.  We charge a $50.00 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking per person.  Balance due of $200.00 per person, on day of ride.   We only accept cash payments for balance.

If you cancel, we retain $50.00 per person as a non-refundable deposit/ fee, per rider. You must cancel 24 hours prior to the reservation. If you are a no-show for the ride, or do not cancel 24 hours prior, you will still be charged the entire balance of the ride and we will not administer a refund.



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