Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons


  Our Basic Horsemanship Lessons will be focusing on communication, trust, compassion, dedication, responsibility, honesty and worth ethics.  These skills can be used in all aspects of life and help develop a well-rounded individual.  Our students must master every level of horsemanship before progressing to the next level.  Starting with the basics of grooming and basic horse care and handling skills.  The Horses in our program range from foals to well-seasoned finished show horses.  In having a variety, this will teach our students how to safely handle and gauge a horse, what techniques to use and how to progress a horse through the different training and life stages. 

         - Horseback Riding lessons includes grooming, tack-up, riding and tack-down and are approximately 1 hour in length. Price varies by location. 


  Riding lessons are offered in both the Napa Valley and Garden Valley. 

Napa - Contact Karen (707) 225-7722

Garden Valley - Contact Angela (707) 227-9015