Toddler Program

Toddler Riding & Learning Lessons 


 Our Toddler Riding Program is designed to educate toddlers on basic horsemanship skills such as grooming, leading, toddler obstacle course and basic balance.  While working Horsemanship Skills we also incorporate primary learning such as colors, shapes, the alphabet, numbers and important hand to eye coordination skills. 


  Our unique program has specially designed tools to help keep your child's attention so that they have fun while learning important skills.  After each lesson we will track the progress your child has made and continue to develop our program to customize it to your child's specific needs and growth.  The age for our Toddler Program ranges from 2 years of age through 5 years. 


  The cost of our Toddler Program is $45.00 for each  lesson.  Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length.  For more information and/or to book your lessons, please contact us.